Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plant seeds of happiness wherever you go!

School is almost out for summer and I am ending my two year term as your PTO President.  It has been a privilege to serve as PTO President of Oak Mountain Elementary school. The parents show an enthusiastic level of commitment to the school, and the teachers, staff and administration share their loving care each day. Thank you for your confidence in me and for teaching me so much.   It was my intention to foster an environment where parents and teachers felt comfortable and knew they were needed.  I feel we have created an inviting environment.  We have a full PTO Board but there is always room for more as many hands make for light work.  Please accept this invitation for you to get involved.

OMES has been a part of my life since it opened in 1990 when my mother, Evelyn Blake, was the first principal.  As a high school senior, I remember hearing my mother talking about the donated artwork and how it would be hung at the eye level of the children.  It was that same year that my father, Ed Blake, grew an oak tree from an acorn and planted the seedling in front of the principal’s window.  It is a symbol of how the loving care of something as tiny as an acorn can grow to be amazing just as a child grows into an outstanding citizen.  The tree stands 22 years strong today and is a popular place for hanging piñatas during the closing of the kindergarten unit on Mexico.  As an OMES parent, I have seen many acts of kindness such as planting the tree that build such a strong sense of community.  I share this story with you because it is my hope to pass it on as Oak Mountain folklore as a part of our history.  It serves as a reminder that one person can make a difference.

We have several third grade PTO members leaving to go to OMIS, and I thank all of you for your hard work and dedication. You will be missed!   Please join me in welcoming Marci Hackbarth as the next PTO President.  She has been an active member in PTO and spearheaded the change from Spring Into Art to Fall Fun Fest.  It was quite the event to orchestrate which she did it with ease.  I know she will do a fabulous job. 

Plant seeds of happiness wherever you go!
Rebecca Sandidge – OMES PTO President